Newbie to fwknop, so please excuse the simple questions...
I don't know what did it, but I wonder if my "apt-get -f" command "adjusted" my conf file so it no longer works.  I was testing it just fine, and suddenly I get the following when trying to start the service:
root@xxxx:/etc/fwknop# service fwknop-server restart
Stopping FireWall KNock OPerator: knopwatchd knoptm fwknopd *
Starting FireWall KNock OPerator: fwknopd [*] Required variable IPFW_SET_NUM
is not defined in /etc/fwknop/fwknop.conf at /usr/sbin/fwknopd line 6552.
 * Unable to start the daemon.

Is there a way to re-run the config program that ran during pkg install (I don't know why I can't find that info...sorry), or what is the appropriate value for this variable?