Firewall Builder v5.0.1 released

We are happy to announce release of the new version of Firewall Builder, v5.0.1. This is a big-fix release, here are some most important fixes :

- improvement in the design of the installer dialog; checkbox that controls "batch install" moved to the dialog where user enters passwords. Now user can start in a non-batch install mode but continue in batch install mode later.

- fixed several GUI crashes

- fixes and improvements in the policy importer for Cisco PIX/ASA

- policy compilers now correctly handle /31 subnets

- improvements in support for iptables configurations for bridging Linux firewalls

- several fixes in the policy compiler for PF, both for the shell script and rc.conf output formats

- few new objects in the Standard library (mostly various standard ipv4 and ipv6 addresses)

New packages have been uploaded to SourceForge and our "stable" repository. Look for the build

Complete release notes can be found here:


Posted by Vadim Kurland 2011-12-23

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