Hello Vadm,

On 8/30/06, Vadim Kurland ✈ <vadim@vk.crocodile.org> wrote:

actually, you can just change platform in the firewall settings from Sveasoft to Linux24. You do not have to recreate firewall object from scratch.

Tom had actually instructed me in that in a private conversation. Thank  you though.

One question that still remains, however.

When I *do* make the change to Linux24, I note that there a number of  'additional' options available in the Linxux24/26 dialog(s), as opposed to the presumed/default settings that have been made for the Sveasoft/Linksys settings.

Is there some guideline as to how to set all those options to ensure working correctly with the Sveasoft?

Again, the goal here is to get FWB to write its firewall to the Sveasoft R/W Partition rather than to the apparently problematic NVRAM var -- and properly set up the whole thing, of course, to boot properly from the R/W-saved firewall.

Thanks for your help.