Hi Philipp,

Unfortunately right now there is no way to import pf.conf into Firewall Builder.  The current version supports import for only iptables and Cisco router access lists.  In our next release, v4.2, we will be adding the ability to import Cisco ASA/PIX configurations.

We have been working to find organizations who need pf.conf import and who can help fund the development of this feature, but we haven't found anyone who is able to do this yet.  So for now pf.conf import is not planned for this year.  If anyone on the mailing list is interested in talking about helping fund development please email me directly.



On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 12:15 AM, Philipp Flesch <philipp@phflesch.de> wrote:
Is there a possibility to import an existing pf.conf into fwbuilder?
I only found iptables and ASA/PIX :-(



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