First of all thanks for the great product/project!
I have had a small problem for a whil now.
I built a firewall with fwb that also does NAT for a bunch of hosts that are have MAC matching turned on.
In the NAT part of the rules that get generated the MAC of all the IP addresses is set to the MAC of the last host in the object group.
To fix it I manually change the generated script.

Also at home I created some match uid/gid policies by hand with iptables, is there a way to do that in fwbuilder? I saw that I could create an object that was a user, but the rule it generated didn't look like it was enforcing uid (though I only had time to test it very superficially), I didn't see a way to create an object that's a group (gid/group name).

Thanks and best regards,
Eli Rosenberg