On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 2:00 AM, <felix1971@neuf.fr> wrote:

How to generate  with fwbuilder  4.1.3 anchor "ftp-proxy/* in pf.conf

its two-step process:

 - you create new Policy object (right click on the firewall object in the tree, use menu item "New Policy Rule Set"; open this new Policy object in the editor and rename it to "ftp-proxy/*"

 - in the main Policy rule set add new rule and change its Action to "Branch". Double click on the action to open it in the editor and drag new Policy object "ftp-proxy/*" to the well in the editor. 

Note that you can do the same with nat rules, except you create new NAT rule set object and name it also "ftp-proxy/*". Fwbuilder generates "anchor", "nat-anchor" or "rdr-anchor" depending on the version.