#298 version tracking as part of install

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Hey Vladim/Mike,

Saw an interesting occurrence, which was a process failure on our part, but might be a feature-in-hiding. We pushed a change to a firewall, only to find out that the stored XML had been updated several times w/o installing .. and when we did install .. several things broke. I was wondering if you would consider tracking a 'checksum' as part of the system, with an option to fail or force if it's not correct. So:

1> create a CHECKSUM, stored in an external file with the .fwb ( or somewhere else ), when someone presses 'Install'. This might be say an MD5 Hash of the .xml.
2> make a check on the installation .sh on the far end for a local CHECKSUM file, if none write the current hash to CHECKSUM and proceed with install.
3> upon next 'install' update the CHECKSUM, but store the last one and put it in the install.sh to be used thusly:
4> make a check that the *last* CHECKSUM matches the local CHECKSUM, if it does, update the CHECKSUM with the 'new' and proceed with the installation
5> if it does not match, if 'fail' is selected .. fail with an error; if 'force' is selected, make a note in the log and proceed.

I can probably implement this as part of the 'pre-' scripts myself ( Assuming that if the pre script fails, the installation will fail ) .. but thought it interesting enough that you might want to consider it. I believe this would be a nice feature to add which will help prevent issues when multiple people are editing the file. I can write up the .sh if you want.


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