#13 apply new rules after compiled


you have a box dialog thats is showing the process compiling .

after have finish the process , you could make a question like :

install new polices ?

if answer equal yes , you could restart a script looks like in the /etc/rc3.d/k35samba i.e.

and the new polices will be loaded .

is an idea that help much !!!!

tks a lot .


  • Vadim Kurland

    Vadim Kurland - 2001-06-21

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    thanks for the idea.

    Policy install is very much platform-dependent function
    because it has to be done in a different ways on a different
    OS or even distributions of the same OS. We did not set a
    goal to implement specific install scripts or procedures for
    each, so we left this for user. One solution is to wrap
    policy compiler in a shell script which would install policy
    if compiler successfully processed it. We also added a way
    to configure a custom install script in the firewall
    object's properties. If user enters full path and name of
    such script, menu item "install policy" gets activated. By
    default this script is not configured though. This feature
    has been implemented in v0.9.2

    We have couple of examples of such scripts in "Contribs"
    area on our download page on Sourceforge

    Vadim K.

  • Vadim Kurland

    Vadim Kurland - 2001-06-21
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