Compiled script with wrong permissions

Peter D.
  • Peter D.

    Peter D. - 2004-10-12

    I am using fwbuilder 2.0.2 on suse linux 8.2 with version control rcs.
    In my environment multiple users set up on linux and belonging to a group fwadmins should have the ability to modify firewall rules. When a user does that and compiles the script, permissions to the script file are set to rwxr-----, owner is that user.
    Now when another user modifies rules and compiles, everything seems to run fine, but the script is not being written because of missing write permissions, i guess. No warning or something on the compiling status viev.
    Do i have to set permissions different somewhere, or is it a bug? I think at least the status view should tell me the script file couldn't be written.

    Besides that: Great program and a big THANKS for it.

    • Vadim Kurland

      Vadim Kurland - 2004-10-12

      permissions on the file are dictated by the global umask setting. In other words, on your system whenever a user creates a file, it gets permissions 0740 because all users get their umask set to 0026, so users can not overwrite files of each other. You could write a little script that would call the compiler and then change permissions on the generated script to 0770 or 0760 to permit other to overwrite it. You then configure this script as a compiler in the "Compiler" tab of firewall settings dialog.

      This being said, compiler should print an error message when it can not write the output file. I'll fix this.


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