Basic Info 102 (1.0.2?)

  • coin1 coin2

    coin1 coin2 - 2009-05-27

    Basic Info 102 (1.0.2?)

    Is fwbuilder _SOLELY_ designated as a desktop firewall configuration and management tool ??

    Have already perused the fwbuilder main sites

    Distros listed in the 'Availability' section of are all primarily DESKTOP-oriented distros.
    How about obtaining and compiling fwbuilder specifically for hardened and DEDICATED firewall/router systems which use iptables (netfilter) or ipfw ??

    Example of such dedicated Linux firewall/routers :

    - IPCop,  and

    - SmoothWall,  and

    - FREESCO,  and ,

    TY for fwbuilder redirections and pointers here.

    • Vadim Kurland

      Vadim Kurland - 2009-05-27

      fwbuilder uses GUI and in that sense is desktop-oriented tool. It can configure dedicated firewall machine though, that is, you can run fwbuilder on a workstation and use it to configure one or several dedicated firewall machines that are hardened, do not run graphical user interface at all and may be managed remotely. So, it can be used to configure firewall appliances such as IPCOP and others, but it is not going to run on the appliance and it does not have web interface.

      I am working on integration with IPCOP and derivatives. SmoothWall is a set of script and configuration files, I do not see what fwbuilder can bring there to improve on it. I am not familiar with FREESCO.


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