How do I start????

  • lonely marauder

    lonely marauder - 2010-08-22

    Hey, I am sorry if this is not the correct forum for this.But I am a newbie.So….How can I contribute?
    I mean how do I start.I know c and am doing a course on Network Programming in my college this semester.I have a fairly good idea about the working of a linux os.So I thought , that it would be better by watching and learning from real work than just college assignments.So any help on how to begin would be appreciated………Thanks in advance.

  • ted creedon

    ted creedon - 2010-08-22

    install wireshark
    install fwbuilder


    build your first firewall

    look at packets /w/ wireshark and tail -f the dropped packet log

    have fun

  • Vadim Kurland

    Vadim Kurland - 2010-08-22

    if you offer your help with development of the project, then we need experience with C++, STL, Qt.  Understanding of firewalls is a big plus.

  • lonely marauder

    lonely marauder - 2010-08-23

    @tedc: Yes, I have been using wireshark for a while now,got fwbuilder just yesterday.

    @vkurland: I have not much experience with c++, in particular.I have gotten familiar with c++ just 15 days back.But I have been working with c and java for 6 months now.So I guess I can cope up.But I haven't worked with STL or Qt.I have a decent idea of firewalls , their implementation from unix point of view.

    In any case, I would gladly, as tedc points, RTFM. So if you specify the nature of the tasks involved in the project, it would help my study.

    And thanks for the quick reply………


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