How to edit files created in fwbuilder 2.1.14

  • David Hostetler

    David Hostetler - 2012-02-13

    I have recently had the task of administrating some RHEL boxes that had their firewalls configured via fwbuilder 2.1.14, which means, well the regular IPTables stuff isn't happy, so I need to either edit the firewall that is there, or figure out a way to get this set back to using the default RHEL IPtables tools…

    Can anyone point me to some docs on what changes that fwbuilder makes to the system, and perhaps how to even open / edit these files? I have tried with the fwbuilder that I can download, which is 5.0.1 I believe, and it doesn't recognize the file format…

  • Vadim Kurland

    Vadim Kurland - 2012-02-13

    fwbuilder works with files with extension .fwb. Looks for the file with this extension on the system. Note that fwbuilder can manage remote firewall so it is not necessary that the file is on the machine. If the file is not tere, you can import iptables configuration into fwbuilder using File/Import firewall function. It expects iptables rules in the format produced by iptables-save command. However after the import rules closely reflect native iptables format, with all chains, no groups and so on. This is not very convenient to work with in fwbuilder and rules will probably need to be edited. Depending on the size of the policy starting from scratch may be viable option.


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