Which Template for Laptop ?

  • Armz

    Armz - 2011-07-01

    Good Morning.

    Regarding Linux iptables on a Laptop…

    Which of the Firewall templates should one use for a Laptop ?

    If I use on of the current available templates, could you please mention if there
    would be any changes to make the template more suitable for a Laptop use?

    Thank you much.

  • Vadim Kurland

    Vadim Kurland - 2011-07-01

    we dont have special template for a laptop but you could start with a host template we offer and tweak it.

  • Armz

    Armz - 2011-07-06

    Thanks vkurland.

    What in particular would you advise to set differently for a Laptop from the Host template, specific to a laptop ?

    Thank you.

  • Mike Horn

    Mike Horn - 2011-07-06

    Firewall rules are very much dependent on your network environment and the applications you are running.  The "host fw template 1" assumes that the host's IP address is dynamically assigned and allows all traffic _outbound_ from the host itself.  Only SSH and some ICMP traffic is allowed inbound to the host.  This may match what you need or you may decide to be more restrictive an only allow certain application traffic outbound.  It really depends on your security needs and how complex of a configuration you want to manage.

  • Armz

    Armz - 2011-07-08

    Understood, thank you.

    From one User's opinion, a laptop and it's use is by nature very different than a host's use in that the host is normally associated with a Stationary desktop workstation, cabled. A laptop will have to tackle mobile related firewall issues that are different than the other templates offered by Firewall Builder. I should post this in the feature request section, but it's kind of 'not' a feature request.

    I understand the difficulty in offering templates, and to use them as a base foundation for a building block to fine tune.

    It would be a useful addition to Firewall Builder's template collection, continuing the fine tuning of template offered already.



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