ura soul - 2013-06-28


i have just been using fwbuilder to configure the IPtables firewall on a Centos 6.4 server remotely and have experienced a glitch that i am uncertain how to resolve; i'll share the details here as you may know what is occurring:
the server firewall was previously configured using system-config-firewall 1.2.27 (the version available via software center in centos) and had the basic services i need to use activated (SSH, HTTP/S, IMAPS, SMTPS).
i want to make a more detailed setup that limits SSH access to my own pc only - which i thought i did successfully through fwbuilder and uploaded it to the server (after a few trial and error explorations). i used the webserver template that includes a loopback and 'outside' interface and added the SSH restriction rule and various services to the policy set.
today i discovered that some (though not all) areas of my website were unreachable - nginx returns a 502 and sometimes 504 error code.. and i was only able to resolve this by reactivating the system-config-firewall app on the server to (i assume) over-ride the policy that was uploaded via fwbuilder.

as i am not aware of any reason why such a policy change would effect nginx in this way and also because i am not 100% sure of the way that fwbuilder and iptables are designed to function, i am wondering if you can shed any light here? i know this question is a little vague, but i don't have much info on what is causing the challenges presently.

any help would be gladly appreciated.

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