where to find the logs?

  • argie01

    argie01 - 2013-03-08


    I´m using last version of Firewall Builder to configure iptables 1.4.12 on Ubuntu 12.10 server.
    I'm logging the connections via SSH to the server, using the option on the rule I made to permit it.
    But I don't find any log on /var/log, besides of "syslog" or "dmesg".
    So , where can I find the logs for that rule?

    There is a way to assign the log of a rule to an specific file inside /var/log?

    Thank you.

  • corsairetc

    corsairetc - 2013-03-28

    try to look /var/log/syslog

    • corsairetc

      corsairetc - 2013-10-17

      thank you problem solved, it is my stupydity I forgot to set static route for network on my router :-)
      Like this:
      up ip route add via

      Last edit: corsairetc 2013-10-17

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