#233 FWBuilder .fwb XML uses different notations on Windows/Linux


We are using firewall builder mainly on Windows but also on Linux. When saving the fwbuilder file on Windows the XML tags for empty elements are written with a separate closing tag <CustomServiceCommand platform="pf"></CustomServiceCommand>), whereas on Linux the abbreviated form is used (<CustomServiceCommand platform="pf"/>).

As this causes are git tracked changes to be spoiled with useless clutter hiding the important changes pretty will it would be strongly encouraged to save in the same format on both plattforms.

Version for Windows: 5.1.
Version for Linux:

Steps to reproduce:
* Create a new fwbuilder file or use a pre-existing one
* Save on Windows (copy old file before)
* Open the same file on Linux
* Perform a small change (e.g. add custom service)
* Save on Linux
* Diff the 2 files (e.g. diff -u)

Expected result:
* Only changed element is shown (or influenced elements in case of renumbering)

Actual result:
* A lot of emtpy elements are changed

Example extract of a git diff after saving on linux
<CustomService id="id3B64EF4E" name="irc-conn" comment="IRC connection tracker, supports DCC.&#10;Works on iptables and requires patch-o-matic.&#10;For more information look for patch-o-matic on http://www.netfilter.org/&#10;" r
- <CustomServiceCommand platform="Undefined"></CustomServiceCommand>
- <CustomServiceCommand platform="ipf"></CustomServiceCommand>
- <CustomServiceCommand platform="ipfilter"></CustomServiceCommand>
- <CustomServiceCommand platform="ipfw"></CustomServiceCommand>
+ <CustomServiceCommand platform="Undefined"/>
+ <CustomServiceCommand platform="ipf"/>
+ <CustomServiceCommand platform="ipfilter"/>
+ <CustomServiceCommand platform="ipfw"/>
<CustomServiceCommand platform="iptables">-m irc</CustomServiceCommand>
- <CustomServiceCommand platform="pf"></CustomServiceCommand>
- <CustomServiceCommand platform="pix"></CustomServiceCommand>
- <CustomServiceCommand platform="unknown"></CustomServiceCommand>
+ <CustomServiceCommand platform="pf"/>
+ <CustomServiceCommand platform="pix"/>
+ <CustomServiceCommand platform="unknown"/>


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