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Firewall Builder Rule Optimizer / News: Recent posts

beta-0.1 released

- automtic compiler detection in
- fix some compatiblity problems in
- fix multiple comment while rule sorting
- new xml config file support

Posted by Clemens Gesell 2002-07-28

alpha-0-3.5 released

- fix problematic bug in
sort_rule() Function

Posted by Clemens Gesell 2002-07-25

alpha-0-3.3 released

- fix the path for fwb-optima-priogram.* files

Posted by Clemens Gesell 2002-07-18

alpha-0-3.2 released

- multiple elements per rule are now supported
(some changes in and big big
changes in

Posted by Clemens Gesell 2002-07-17

alpha-0-3.1 released

Changes from Version alpha-0-3 to alpha-0-3.1
- the not working sort rule funktion is fixed
- the forgotten check for disabled rules in
and is integrated

Posted by Clemens Gesell 2002-07-10

alpha-0-3 released

- fixed a little xml wrirting bufg in
- a new experimental program to extract xml data about src, dst, ports, and actions of global rules

Posted by Clemens Gesell 2002-07-02

alpha-0-2 released

Changes from Version alpha-0-1 to alpha-0-2

- new cmdline switches in
(-g|group_off for to switch on/off the fwb-grpsolve modul, -c|compiler to set an explicit fwb compiler)
- make use of Getopt::Long

Posted by Clemens Gesell 2002-06-30