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FusionGW SSO

FusionGW now has it's own experimental SSO functionality. With-in the next two weeks, the latest version of FusionGW will be released.

NOTE: For those that are impatient, you can get the latest code from CVS. If you have any questions or comments send them to brock@fusiongw.org

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-05-26


XML-RPC support has been added. Soon, before v1.0 there will be plug-ins for Kontact to interface w/FusionGW!

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-05-16

Next FusionGW Release

As soon as I get a job I will post the latest version of FusionGW. There are some good changes and updates in the release. Keep an eye out.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-05-13

FusionGW 0.9.5

I have release v0.9.5. Also, all source code is available through CVS.

This release contains several bug fixes and improvements.

You can keep track of what has changed and what will change, as well as, suggest fixes and improvements at http://www.fusiongw.org/servlet/org/fusiongw/projectmanager/ui/index.vm.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-04-06

FusionGW 0.9.3

I've release v0.9.3 ... check it out.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-04-04

FusionGW 0.9 Update

There was a problem with the kernel closing some files. I think I fixed it, you can get the update now.

The kernel is org.fusiongw.kernel.jar.
The kernel source is org.fusiongw.kernel.src.tar.gz.

Put the org.fusiongw.kernel.jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your install.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-04-01

FusionGW 0.9

Ok, FINALLY, I have rewritten the bulk of the FusionGW framework and a few of it's applications.

Current applications that are available in this release are:

* Home ( 0.9 )
* Administration ( 0.9 )
* Web Mail ( 0.9 )
* Contacts ( 0.9 )
* Calendar ( 0.9 )
* Project Manager ( 0.9 )

Applications available in the near future:

* Content Management
* Knowledge Management
* File Management
* Forums
* Updater
* Mailing List
* MySQL Database Management
* Eclipse Plug-in
* And more...

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-04-01

Next FusionGW Release

Just wanted to give everyone something to look forward to...
In the next FusionGW release, there will be a whole new naming scheme to better suite the project. Where before all packages start as com.fusion, they will now start org.fusiongw. Not that that is really important, but food for thought.

Also, with the new naming schemes I will be changing the way some things work. once this is all taken care of I will have a developer's guide to go along with the new naming conventions and the new way of doing things.... read more

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-02-25

FusionGW Demo

You can now demo most of the FusionGW applications at http://www.fusiongw.org/demo

The username is demo and the password is demo.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-02-24

FusionGW Beta 0.0.2 Released

The latest release of FusionGW was submitted today. Get it now!

For more information visit http://www.fusiongw.org or contact support@fusiongw.org

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-02-19

Latest Release

Within the next couple of days I will be releasing the latest release of FusionGW.

This release will have the calendar application, the contacts application, plus lots of improvements and fixes to the existing applications.

Now the kernel doesn't have to have a connection pool setup within the servlet/jsp container. You can just edit an xml file and it will do the rest for you. However, I still recommend doing the connection pool route.... read more

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-02-09

Fusion Kernel 2.2.4

There has been a new release of the Fusion Kernel. This update has some cool stuff to better support JSP templating using the FusionGW framework.

With this release, we will also begin opening up our updater to the public. It still, however, must first be enabled for each user. So, request by contacting support@fusiongw.org.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-01-22

Trouble Ticket Application

There has been updates to the Trouble Ticket application to include more detailed emails... and to not show names unless a user is logged in.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-01-19

Contacts Application

Contacts Application development has begun...

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-01-19

FusionGW Beta Release 0.0.1

The first beta release has been posted.

Contact support@fusiongw.org or visit www.fusiongw.org for more information.

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-01-12

Bugs / Trouble Tickets / Feature Requests / Improvements

It would be best to submit all Bugs / Trouble Tickets / Feature Requests / Improvements to the Fusion Trouble Ticket application located at


Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-01-06


The FusionGW kernel has been released.

The applications will follow soon. Hopefully, I will be able to release a WAR dist first. This will most likely happen mid-semester (being that I am in college).

For more information, visit http://www.fusiongw.org

Posted by Kyle Brock 2006-01-06

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