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Fusepak / News: Recent posts


I've moved mlbms source code into Subversion repository on Sourceforge. Further development will take place there.

Posted by rraptorr 2006-03-03


Fusepak has moved to Subversion

Posted by rraptorr 2006-03-02

Fusepak 0.4 release

- New framework for simplified extension of fusepak
- Support for big-endian machines (needs testing)
- Support for PAK format from Dune 2

Posted by rraptorr 2006-02-04

Fusepak 0.3 release

Next release is up. It features:
- LGP file support (PC version of Final Fantasy VII)
- Fixed bug concerning mouting files in current directory
- Fixed bug on 64-bit architectures

Posted by rraptorr 2006-01-08

Fusepak 0.2 release

Second fusepak release is up. It features manpage for pakmount and some bugfixes.

Posted by rraptorr 2005-12-13

Fusepak 0.1 release

First basic version of fusepak is released. It currently supports PACK, WAD and WAD2 file formats.

Posted by rraptorr 2005-11-14