Dissent 0.1 Released

The Dissent Project has made its first release here at Source Forge.

What is it?

The Dissent Project aims to be a full featured multimedia application that can play audio and video files as well as internet radio streams by using powerful media engines such as Gstreamer.

Furthermore it has robust functionality for RSS news feeds and Podcasts which can be viewed within the application.

Why call it Dissent?

The name was chosen for a 'not so subtle' reason. Integrated into the application is support for various organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and United Nations to name just a few. We will continue to improve the functionality of the 'preselected' list of organizations so as to enhance the features of Dissent.

That's great, but what features are there?

- Play and organise your media collection.
- View the latest news from any RSS feed.
- Download and play the latest Podcasts.
- Listen to Internet radio streams.
- Watch any videos on your hard drive.

Its always easy to write a whole page on the features alone but this would be boring. However you can view all the features at http://dissent-project.org/features.html complete with nice screenshots.

Simply put with Dissent you can combine all multimedia programs in one simple and neat application.

Head over to the web site to try it out: http://www.dissent-project.org
Alternatively you can visit the Source Forge page at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dissent

Enjoy the first release of the program.
We hope to see you on the coveted Source Forge services for the project.

Posted by Goran 2007-03-01

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