Fuse for Mac OS X

Version of the ZX Spectrum and related machines emulator Fuse for Mac OS X has been released.

Changes since version
* Allow both +3 disk drives to be used at once (Gergely Szasz).
* Allow both +D disk drives to be used at once (Gergely Szasz).
* Make .dsk code handle missing newline on "Track-Info" header (Gergely Szasz; thanks, Simon Owen).
* Fix running with sound off and with non-default speed (Fredrick Meunier; thanks, Andrew Owen).
* Fix colours in minimised toolbar icon on GMA950 card (Roine Gustafsson).
* Stop DisplayLink when quitting from emulator before stopping emulator thread (Fredrick Meunier).
* Decouple texture updating and drawing and only update texture when there are changes (Roine Gustafsson).
* Update the statusbar if nothing has changed on the Speccy screen (Fredrick Meunier).
* Minor fix to manual entries for the tape menu (Fredrick Meunier; thanks SteveP).

Posted by Fredrick Meunier 2009-01-16

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