Fuse for Mac OS X

A bug fix version of Fuse for Mac OS X has been released.

Changes since last release 0.8.0:

* Merge in changes from upstream Fuse- and libspectrum-
* Fix IN timings and floating bus behaviour: fixes Sidewize
(thanks, Pegaz and Mark Woodmass) (Philip Kendall).
* Fix crash if fullscreen mode attempted a resolution higher
than the native graphics mode could handle (thanks, Alberto
Garcia) (Fredrick Meunier).
* Remove flicker when playing back RZX files with embedded
snapshots (thanks, Julian Wiseman) (Fredrick Meunier).
* Avoid crash when reading an invalid TZX file (thanks,
crabfists) (Philip Kendall).
* Correct PAL TV scanline preference.
* Fix debugger stack display, tweak debugger window
size to avoid stack and disassembler windows having scrollbars.

Posted by Fredrick Meunier 2007-05-12

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