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some mount, some don't

D. Starr
  • D. Starr

    D. Starr - 2009-07-28

    Hi I'm just wondering if there's anything I can try to get all of my ext2 volumes to mount.

    Currently I have one ext3 which does, and two ext2 which don't. On the same system when booting Linux they all mount fine.

    The output from '/usr/local/bin/fuse-ext2 -v /dev/disk0s1 /Users/Shared/ext2test/ -o debug' yields:

    fuse-ext2: enter [do_probe (../../fuse-ext2/do_probe.c:28)]
    fuse-ext2: Error while trying to open /dev/disk0s1 (rc=13) [do_probe (../../fuse-ext2/do_probe.c:33)]
    fuse-ext2: Probe failed [main (../../fuse-ext2/fuse-ext2.c:329)]

    Thanks for this great driver!

    • Alper Akcan

      Alper Akcan - 2009-09-08


      sorry for late reply, the error code you get (rc=13) is ENOPERM, which says you do no have permission do open the device? may be you can try with sudo?



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