Beta versions of Fuse 0.6.2 and libspectrum 0.2.1 available

The Fuse team is pleased to announce the release of a beta version of the upcoming 0.6.2 release of Fuse and the Fuse utilities, as well as a beta version of the upcoming 0.2.1 release of libspectrum.

For those not aware of it, Fuse, the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator, is an emulator of the ZX Spectrum and various clones for Unix-ish operating systems (including Mac OS X).

These available from the main Fuse web page, or directly as:

For details of the changes in these versions, please look at the
respective ChangeLogs:

Fuse utilities:

Please report any bugs, etc either via the SourceForge tracking system at or via the
development mailing list,

Posted by Philip Kendall 2004-01-17

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