Fuse on GP32

  • HexDump

    HexDump - 2004-10-19



    Im trying to port FUSE to the GP32. This is my first
    port and Im a bit lost. I have been checking the
    source code and I have noticed FUSE uses a lib
    (libspectrum) that has different utities like loaders,
    etc... To make this lib you use a makefile that uses
    perl scripts, etc... this is too mucho for me, how could I make it compile getting rid of all this?.

    Thnaks in advance,

    • Philip Kendall

      Philip Kendall - 2004-10-19

      Basically, no.

      It would be possible to take some of the files (the accessors) from the distribution tarballs, but things like libspectrum.h do vary according to your specific setup (presence or absence of glib, gcrypt, etc) and so do have to be generated for your specific build.

    • Fredrick Meunier

      Can you cross-compile from Linux? This would probably be the easiest way to go as perl etc. will be ready to go...


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