#176 Loading TRD files in sequence


When loading TRD files in sequence, Fuse stops loading the second TRD file with the following error:

Disc Error
Trk 0 sec 9
Retry, Abort, Ignore?

Hitting 'R' will usually fix the issue. This behavior occurs in PSP, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) binaries. To reproduce:

Load 'Fire n Ice.trd', wait until the file selection menu appears
Load 'Kol0bok2.trd'. You should get the error mentioned above; R should fix it, and the game should load

Loading the same TRD file numerous times does not cause this issue (each time the disk loads fine), while flipping the order in which the games are loaded, does (same thing happens if Kol0bok2.trd is loaded first).


  • Gergely Szasz

    Gergely Szasz - 2009-04-07

    Hmm... I try it with 128k+Beta128, Pentagon128, Pentagon512 and Pentagon1024 but it work for me...
    1., `fuse -m pentagon fire.trd'
    2., 'Q' and 'Da'
    3., 'Media->Disk->+3->Disk A->Insert' Kol0bok2.trd
    4., RUN
    Game load and start...
    It is the same with the 'original' TR-DOS 5.03 and with 6.10E too...

    How do you `..Load 'Kol0bok2.trd'' exactly?

  • Akop Karapetyan

    Akop Karapetyan - 2009-04-07

    In Windows, I use File/Open. In Ubuntu Linux, I press the menu shortcut (F2/F1?), then select Open when the Fuse menu appears. Similar for the PSP port - I call utils_open_file (not sure about the name, but it's what the other ports also use).

    For all cases, I use 128K Pentagon, I don't quit the emulator between the File/Open's. If I were to quit, they'd load fine.

  • Gergely Szasz

    Gergely Szasz - 2009-04-07

    It's look like some 'autoload' problem. When we open a file with 'File/Open' and 'Options->General->Auto-load media' checked then fuse load a snapshot to start loading (e.g. the inserted disk)...

  • Fredrick Meunier

    Could this be a problem with some state not being cleared when the autoload snapshot is being loaded?

  • Gergely Szasz

    Gergely Szasz - 2009-08-06

    Hmm... btw what about RZX style (script like) autoload instead of snapshot "style". Or some "internal RZX script"... e.g. the utils_file_load() could "type" RUN[ENTER] or the appropriate command...

  • Sergio Baldoví

    Sergio Baldoví - 2016-10-30
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> v1.2
  • Sergio Baldoví

    Sergio Baldoví - 2016-10-30

    Thanks for the report. Fire&Ice disk has a file commander that boot the program. It seems it is continuosly accessing disk as motor signal is on. Bad things happen in Fuse 1.1.1 when opening other file, it is like doing a floppy disk hot-swap.

    This issue is not reproducible in Fuse 1.2.0. Many improvements to the disk emulatation were released. Moreover, the File -> Open menu action also resets the machine, so we should start from a clean state.

    Closing as it isn't longer reproducible.


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