#41 use relative paths for web interface and improve xbox 360


Great software, I think it's the best UPnP for linux right now.

I'd like to proxy the Fuppes web interface through Apache, but even if I
change the links in core_presentation.cpp etc... from literal
(/presentation/style.css) to relative (presentation/style.css) the links
don't work. I don't have any programming experience, but I assume there's
something hardcoded in that is preventing me from accessing from something
like example.com/fuppes/.

I'm also having trouble with my Xbox 360 seeing my m3u playlists. I don't
know if this is a limitation of fuppes of something wrong with my config
files, but I'm pretty sure I have followed all available documentation
regarding playlists. If it is in fact a limitation of fuppes, I'd like to
request this be added please.


  • Robert Massaioli

    Playlist support is on the todo list to be improved. And the presentation works weirdly on my machine too. I will but that on the todo list too.

  • ACiD GRiM

    ACiD GRiM - 2010-01-23

    I'm glad that you looked at this. Right now the onlything that's tieing me to my Windows 7 VM is the playlist support, so I look forward to any developments.


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