Photo performance with xbox360

  • neil sumpter

    neil sumpter - 2008-02-12

    Hi all,

    i've finally managed to get photos working with fuppes served to the xbox360; my vfolder.cfg looks like this:

    <vfolder name="Pictures" id="3">
          <vfolder name="All Pictures" id="22">
            <items type="imageItem" />
            <shared_dirs full_extend="true" />
          <vfolder name="Folders" id="22">
            <folders filter="contains(imageItem)" />

    note the change on 'all pictures' id to 22 : didn't work for me without this. Now, i want this to serve up my entire collection of camera photos, so i set this to my backup of my iphoto directory (4000+ photos), it built teh database ok (long time), built the vfolders ok, but when i connected it to the 360 it hung the 360 at the connection bit (presumably cos it was taking sooooo long to get back the list of files).

    now, i reckon i can config this better, and will experimnent, but i was wondering if others have any idea of performance on their particular setups so i know what i should expect or whether i'm asking too much here.



    • Ross Nye

      Ross Nye - 2008-02-13

      When I read your post I thought it seemed like it was going to work, but that produces 'interesting results' for me Neil. I assume that your getting the folders and picture items displayed in a proper directory heirarchy. I am getting all the folders in the root and images only displaying in folders that are at the end of a branch. Which is kinda like what I have now, but with the folder hierarchy intact.

      Can you post your file tags for all the images in your fuppes.cfg and your entire xbox vfolder from vfolder.cfg please.


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