fuppes not detecting movie length correctly

  • Adam Kessel

    Adam Kessel - 2010-11-03

    I have a number of VOB files that play for the full length from a standard computer player (e.g., vlc, mplayer), but when streamed via fuppes to a PS3, they end early.  fuppes also reports the total length as being shorter than the correct length. I don't think this was a problem with earlier builds of fuppes, but I have been having it consistently with recent svn builds. Sometimes just a few minutes is cut off the end with fuppes; sometimes the movie is cut in half.

    Any tips for troubleshooting? Would it be more productive to file a bug or discuss it here first?

  • Robert Massaioli

    I don't doubt you, but reproducibility is always a good starting point so it it possible for you to upload an example video that displays the problem for us? And then we can try it for ourselves and maybe see what the problem is. Though it could just be changes in the dependancies that were not countered for.

  • Robert Massaioli

    Oh, and if it looks like a bug then file a bug report WITH a way to reproduce the problem and then it'll be ready for us to work on; too easy.

  • Adam Kessel

    Adam Kessel - 2010-11-03

    I could provide you with a sample but would rather not upload or post a link in a public forum - the files are all several gigabytes (and a shorter sample won't cause the problem). Can I drop it somewhere for you to check out?

  • Adam Kessel

    Adam Kessel - 2010-11-06

    A couple more observations:

    - This appears to only be a problem streaming to the ps3. With svn 677, I'm able to stream to Windows Media Player again, and the movie files that were ending early on the ps3 play fine on Windows Media Player. Yet, in earlier releases of fuppes, I had no problem on ps3; they played through to the end. Anything you can think of that would distinguish ps3 from wmp in this regard?

    - I believe reprocessing the file without transcoding fixes the problem: ffmpeg -i in.vob -acodec copy -vcodec copy out.vob. I would rather not have to do this with all my files, though; so I'm hoping there can be some fix in fuppes.

  • Adam Kessel

    Adam Kessel - 2010-11-07

    Actually, my ffmpeg method just changes the early termination, it doesn't always fix the problem. For example, I had a 3 hour file that was terminating around 1:54:00; after ffmpeg copy, it terminated at 1:56:00.

  • Ulrich Völkel

    Ulrich Völkel - 2010-11-13

    Can you please try with SVN 678.

  • Adam Kessel

    Adam Kessel - 2010-11-14

    Fixed! That was simple!

    <     m_size = qry->result()->asUInt("SIZE");
    >     m_size = strToOffT(qry->result()->asString("SIZE"));


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