Possible to cache video thumbnails?

  • Adam Kessel

    Adam Kessel - 2009-12-29

    Generating video thumbnails is fairly slow on my system although it is not obsolete (2 GB RAM, 2.0 GHz CPU). As soon as I leave a folder and return to it on my PS3, it apparently regenerates the thumbnails from scratch. For a folder with a couple dozen videos, this can take minutes.

    Is it possible with the existing code base to enable any kind of caching?

    If not, do I need to file a feature request for this? Would that make sense?

  • Damon Opacak

    Damon Opacak - 2010-06-27

    My fuppes doesnt produce thumbnails at all on my PS3. Any idea how to get it working?
    Ideally, i'd like it to show the dvd cover art, like… if it looked in a folder called covers for a filename.jpg and displayed that, i think similar to what ps3mediaserver can do, but for some reason, havent been able to find how to do it in fuppes :/


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