help a noob w/ gentoo and a ps3?

  • pwhitt

    pwhitt - 2008-05-22

    hi all - first of all, Fuppes is great!  i found i could get mp3, photo and basic avi/mpeg sharing with my ps3 running right out of the box.

    however i'm having problems getting a lot of my video files to play correctly.  at first i assumed it was simply a codec issue and tried to convert many of my files over to another format - i know divx is supported now on the ps3 and i started converting things - however that takes a lot of time.  i wanted to avoid transcoding if possible because i want to stream hi-def - my aging amd processor and half-dead ram don't like that...

    so anyway - the noob questions:
    i've seen in other posts that .vob files are natively playable on the ps3 as it is simply mpeg video.  in what way were these files created?  what tools do i have in gentoo to tell me what codec, framerate,(etc..) characteristics a file has before i convert it?  i converted a couple big .vobs only to see that the resulting .avi had the wrong framerate and would oddly throb in time as it played...

    is there a general tool that doesn't require a great background in video codecs and there characteristics that can produce a 1/1 copy of a video file i have into a video file format that i can stream to the ps3 without transcoding?

    sorry to flood the post with so info, but i wanted to explaini what i'm looking for and throw out a couple general questions.  hopefully after a few replies i'll be able to post more specific questions and get to realisable action and results!

    thanks in advance!

    • pwhitt

      pwhitt - 2008-05-22

      oh yeah - just to clarify something: i can play *some* of my .vob files.  i can play *most* .avi and .mpgs, however i have problems with *most* .vobs.  all of mine were created using the same settings in dvd-rip - so oddly they should be identical.

      i guess the most useful info i could get would be a list of containers and codecs that are natively supported by the ps3 and a tool (hopefully easy to decipher than mencoder) that i could use to scan a file, see if it's natively supported and doesn't require transcoding, then convert the file without compressing or anything to a new codec.

      is there something that easy?


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