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  • Matthew Rasnake

    Matthew Rasnake - 2008-01-17

    I'm attempting to get .mov files transcoding for display on my PS3, and getting an error from ffmpeg stating that mpeg2video (and mpeg1video) don't support 15fps framerate. Can we get an option for the config file to specify a framerate for conversion? or possibly fix transcoding so mpeg1 and mpeg2video codecs specify an appropriate default minimum framerate?

    not sure if you want me to report this as a bug or not...


    • Ulrich Völkel

      Ulrich Völkel - 2008-01-19

      Just add:
      <ffmpeg_params>-r 25</ffmpeg_params>
      (for 25Hz) between the <transcoding> nodes.

      - Uli

      • Matthew Rasnake

        Matthew Rasnake - 2008-01-19


        That's got me fixed right up!

        It does, however remind me of another request...

        Is it possible that we could get a comprehensive reference to all the available nodes for the fuppes.cfg file in the wiki? It seems like the various configuration pages touch on quite a bit, but it seems like there's still a lot that's not there. A comprehensive reference could even be just a hierarchical list that you update, and that the users could help to flesh out with descriptive content.

        Likewise, i'd like to see something similar for the vfolder.cfg. It seems that there must be a lot of options that i just don't know about, especially with the addition of new metadata parsers. A comprehensive, continually-updated reference would be very handy.

        In any event, thanks for the helpful response!



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