Tag issues with trancoded flac files on ps3

  • Larry Truesdale

    Larry Truesdale - 2008-02-08


    I've installed fuppes on a vista machine for streaming flac files to my PS3.  These flac files have embedded "flac tags" (aka vorbis comments) coded in UTF-8 (according to info I found on the web).  I've configured fuppes per instructions on the PS3 wiki page and also changed the bitrate value to "320" (the highest value I think lame will accept).  Most of the files play fine although I haven't actually gauged the audio quality yet.  But I've noticed several problems with the track information displayed:

    1) Every track name appears with an "*" appended ot the end.
    2) Some tracks which have unusual characters in them appear by their file name only instead of using the tag data.  I thought this was probably a character coding problem until i confirmed fuppses defaults to utf-8 and flac tags use utf-8.
    3) Some tracks which do not appear to have any unusual characters in them appear by their file name only instead of using the tag data.
    4) The bitrate field under "triangle + information" displays as 3kbps for all files.

    Also, I'd like to try transcoding ot wav instead of MP3, but would like to understand the diffderence between the WAV and PCM values for hte encoder field in the transcode section.



    • smo00

      smo00 - 2008-02-11


      I can just tell you something about the asterisks:
      "File names for data that is stored on servers that are not compliant with DLNA may have an asterisk appended to the file name. In some cases, these files cannot be played on the PS3™ system. Also, even if the files can be played on the PS3™ system, it might not be possible to play the files on other devices."



    • Larry Truesdale

      Larry Truesdale - 2008-02-11

      Thanks for sharing that!  So the astericks are there on purpose, but they indicate that something in the data is not DLNA compliant.  I don;t yet know anything about DNLA os I don;t know whether this is something that might be addressable via fuppes configuration; maybe of the vfolders.



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