Dann OfThursday - 2009-05-14

I'll be doing a seperate bugfix on what I found re:mpeg4ip but I'll add here since it does fix taglib-config

ISSUE: taglib-config / mpeg4ip-config are not found via ./configure

SOLUTION FOR TAGLIB-CONF: edit the configure.ac file, find the taglib section, and change

AC_PATH_PROG(TAGLIB_CONFIG, taglib-config, no, $prefix/bin/) 


AC_PATH_PROG(TAGLIB_CONFIG, taglib-config, no) 

If you have mpeg4ip-config installed, do the same for it.

HOWEVER: Fedora Core 10 - DOES NOT HAVE THIS PACKAGE. It was dropped when the mpeg4ip team killed their project.

That one got sent to bugfix ;)

HTH! I did not figure this out through code-fu but rather through google-cache-fu ;)