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Fuppes on multiple interface

r r
  • r r

    r r - 2010-09-08

    Hi all

    I'd like to set up fuppes to be able to stream to multiple interfaces (don't want to go into details why right now) but nothing I've tried so far has worked. I've tried setting <interface></interface> and <interface></interface>, specifying multiple <interface>'s and multiple interfaces like <interface>eth0, wlan0</interface> but nothing has worked so far.

    So, any suggestions on how, or should I post this into the suggestions?

  • Miika Hänninen

    Miika Hänninen - 2010-10-26

    As far as I know fuppes is not able to serve to different interfaces at a time. Therefore specifying more than one in the settings will just confuse it.

    I wouldn't expect this to be implemented, but you could try running two instances of fuppes with two different configurations. Just use the -config-file or -config-dir switches when starting fuppes


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