Andreu - 2011-03-01

I am try to use TV Bravia KDL-40NX700 with Fuppes on UBUNTU in Atom processor. Bravia TV validate fuppes
as DLNA server on image and music files
I have had to compile fuppes from latest sources from the Development fuppes subversion repository, with all options.
in the Images section shows all directories, but indicates that there is nothing to show (JPG or PNG).
Maybe it's the ImageMagick library, I had problems with other DLNA server I tested. In that case I disable ImageMagick.
When compiling fuppes not recognize the option:  - disable-ImageMagic
Turning off fuppes.cnf ImageMagic option has no effect.
Any suggestions to uninstall ImageMagick (or libraries), or disable it …
I use the wiki config.
Fuppes.cnf must have other options for JPG files?