PCM transcoding

  • jmilus

    jmilus - 2008-01-06

    Hi! I can set up the fuppes to see videos and listen music in my xbox360. My music collection is in flac format, and my configuration works if I transcoding flac to mp3. But I don't want to transcode my lossless flac to mp3 because it is slow and I don't want to loss quality. fuppes can transcode to PCM but I'm not able to set it correctly.

    The relevant part of my fuppes.cfg:

    <file ext="flac">
      <transcode enabled="true">

    And the log:

    == lib/HTTP/HTTPRequestHandler.cpp (80) :: Sun Jan  6 15:02:33 2008 ==
    HandleHTTPRequest() :: /MediaServer/AudioItems/00FFFFFC02.l16?format=PCM

    == lib/ContentDirectory/ContentDatabase.cpp (417) :: Sun Jan  6 15:02:33 2008 ==
    SELECT select count(*) as VALUE from OBJECTS where OBJECT_ID = 4294950959 and DEVICE = 'Xbox 360';

    == lib/ContentDirectory/ContentDatabase.cpp (417) :: Sun Jan  6 15:02:33 2008 ==
    SELECT select   * from   OBJECTS o   left join OBJECT_DETAILS d on (d.ID = o.DETAIL_ID) where   o.OBJECT_ID = 4294950959 and o.DEVICE is NULL

    == lib/HTTP/HTTPRequestHandler.cpp (332) :: Sun Jan  6 15:02:33 2008 ==
    unknown object id: 00FFFFFC02.l16?format=PCM

    == lib/HTTP/HTTPServer.cpp (571) :: Sun Jan  6 15:02:33 2008 ==
    send response HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    Content-Type: text/html
    Content-Length: 0
    Accept-Ranges: bytes
    Connection: close
    DATE: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 14:02:33 GMT
    Server: Linux/2.6.22-2-686, UPnP/1.0, Free UPnP Entertainment Service/SVN-r583

    I got the same when I set http_encoding to chunked. The transcoding_release_delay is 40, it should be enough. I tried to change pcm to wav but I got the same result.

    How can I set up any lossless encoder?

    • drienties

      drienties - 2008-01-11

      Here's what i used in my config to transcode my flac files to my Playstation 3:

      <file ext="flac">
      <transcode enabled="true">

      works great for me.

      • Zanth

        Zanth - 2008-04-05

        thank you for this config file.  i have been trying for nearly 6 months to get FLAC to my PS3.  I've tried everything except for Fuppes and slimserver from Slimdevices (along with their hardware).  I own the PS3, so why pay for a Squeezebox?  mediatomb had troubles, twonkymedia had troubles, tversity had troubles, Nero had troubles.  Before I went out to buy a Squeezebox I wanted to try the last media server I knew of fuppes...under linux.  Low and behold in under 1 hour I have it setup and transcoding my flacs to wav (going to mp3 doesn't seem to work).

        thanks so much.


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