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  • Mattias Andersson

    Any one successfully got Fuppes to Work with a Samsung TV? I have a 46B7070 and use Fuppes on Windows. It connects and I can see my files but get ”Not supported file format” on mp3-files and video files. Pictures displays OK.

    • Hubert Becker

      Hubert Becker - 2009-06-02

      I got my LE40B650 running with the following setup:

          <device name="TV" enabled="true">
            <user_agent>UPnP/1.0 DLNADOC/1.50</user_agent>
              <file ext="mp3">
              <file ext="ogg">
                <transcode enabled="true">
              <file ext="avi">
              <file ext="vdr">

    • Mattias Andersson

      Tanks now I got .mp4 videos to play and if I add:

          <file ext="mkv">

      mkv-files plays ok, however I can’t paus or fast-forward yet.

      Still no luck with mp3 files.

    • Maurizio Daniele

      I manage to get work my Samsung B650 series TV just yesterday with a similar configuration (thanks for the mkv hint...)

      As far as I know, some MP3 play and some other not. I can not say what is the difference beetween the two of them, still testing.

      Note that the same mp3 that doesn't play through fuppes, can be played by the tv if you put it in a USB device...

    • bisw

      bisw - 2009-06-11

      I have the same problems with mp3 files. In my opinion difference is position of ID3tag in mp3 file (on begin of file - don't work or on end of file - works perfectly)

      Question is: Is it problem of TV or Fuppes ?
      Must by make tests with another servers and another DLNA clients...

      Unfortunaly server from samsung don't works on my computer.
      But i found software client (upnp plugin for foobar).
      Now I must find time to test it - mayby next weekend...

      I mean - mp3 on TV isn't main problem.
      For me important are:
      1. Pause and navigate on play movies,
      2. Mude subtitles into movie stream.

      Last version of fuppes is from december 2007...

      • Maurizio Daniele

        As I wrote before: the same MP3 play from an USB stick directly connected to TV, and not play from fuppes, so I think it's not a TV problem.

        Unfortunately, I don't find any other dlna software working like this one on linux.
        With uShare (discontinued) I can not play anything, same with mediatomb.

        I'll continue try with these and other, but I think the solution will be a simple network external drive connected with USB cable to TV and with ethernet cable to PC.

    • Mattias Andersson

      Regarding mp3 I can play the same file from WiseLink Pro (The Samsung software) but not from Fuppes.

    • Hubert Becker

      Hubert Becker - 2009-06-15

      Regarding mp3 i found the same behavior. I am using right now fuppes and mediatom in parallel.
      Mediatomb works great with the following:

      <add header=" Streaming"/>
      <add header=" DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_CI=0;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01700000000000000000000000000000"/>

      • Maurizio Daniele

        No luck with your hint, maybe there is more I need to include in my config.xml

        Mediatomb play nothing and fuppes is apparently discontinued (but play most of file). It seems that there is no UPnP software working properly...

    • bisw

      bisw - 2009-06-16

      If I removed id3tag from the problematic mp3 all works perfectly...

      I installed TVersity Media Server, but this program have problems with the same mp3 files that fuppes.

      I read about TVersity - this server use ffdshow filter to mude subtitels into movie stream. But I can't configure it...
      In addition I found avi file (with lame mp3 sound track) that play without sound (Error message on the tv screen)

      Mayby I can use lame to transcode (decode and encode back)...

      • Maurizio Daniele

        Wonderful! You're right!
        Removing ID3 tag from "problematic" files (and then rewriting tag with Audio Tag Tool), it works!

        Transcoding is apparently not available in the last version of fuppes (I compiled it with all support but it still complain about missing support for tag and transcoding)

        • bisw

          bisw - 2009-06-17

          I wrote about Id3tag a few day ago...
          Also removing id3tag from 8GB files is a bit difficult for me :-)
          I find another method...

          Official release fuppes is from 2007... Hov to obtain fresh compiled for windows version of fuppes ?
          (except compile it yourself - of course)


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