SVN 641: taglib not working, can't find?

  • Chris Hoover

    Chris Hoover - 2009-07-22

    I'm on Ubuntu 9.04 x86

    ./configure --enable-lame --enable-twolame --enable-tremor --enable-mad --enable-faad
    results in


      audio transcoding plugins
          lame       : yes
          twolame    : yes
          pcm/wav    : yes
          vorbis     : yes (libvorbisfile)
          mpc        : yes
          flac       : yes
          faad       : yes (aac/mp4/m4a)
          mad        : yes (mpeg Layer I, II & III)

      video transcoding plugins
        ffmpeg     : enabled

      image conversion/rescaling plugins
        ImageMagick: enabled  (Wand C-API)

      audio metadata extraction plugins
        taglib        : disabled (mp3, ogg, flac & mpc)
        mpeg4ip/mp4v2 : disabled (mp4/m4a)

      image metadata extraction plugins
        Exiv2         : enabled
        ImageMagick   : enabled  (Wand C-API)
        simage        : disabled (jpeg, png, gif, tiff, rgb, pic, tga, eps)

      video metadata extraction plugins
        libavformat   : enabled

        iconv      : enabled (charset conversion)
        uuid       : enabled
        inotify    : enabled

    Thanks for using fuppes
    please report bugs

    I noticed while it was looking for optional stuff, it didn't find my taglib-conf (although it's installed), as well as my mpeg4ip-config (although it too is installed). Not sure what other information needed to help narrow this down to troubleshoot?

    • Chris Hoover

      Chris Hoover - 2009-07-22

      seems adding "--prefix=/usr" fixed that issue.

  • Robert Massaioli

    Yes that will fix the issue. Adding it to my personal list of bugs to fix.


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