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  • perissological

    perissological - 2008-01-04


    First apologies for re-posting, but I think my initial question was overlooked (I have another one as well now). My question was sat at the bottom of the previous "no more videos" post - I put it there, as it seemed I had a related problem.

    Following some posts on the Ubuntu forums I tried the above resolution for the errors that I am getting.

    However, despite this apparently removing the error for others, it does not completely fix the problem for me. I still keep getting the same error on the linux console from which I am starting fuppes (version 578) (Using Fedora 5)

    The error returned is:

    :1: parser warning : xmlns:ms: ' urn:microsoft-com:wmc-1-0' is not a valid URI
    ot xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device-1-0" xmlns:ms=" urn:microsoft-com:wmc-1-0"

    The Xbox 360 can however see the fuppes server. I have figured out that the <friendly_name> is the value which appears on the Xbox for the Upnp server name, so I can set that to what I wish. However, it appears that at least one colon ":" is required within the name before the Xbox can detect the server. The text following the first colon is also displayed on the Xbox. The text following the second colon is not displayed anywhere as far as I can tell. 

    It seems that it does not matter what I put into the config file (within reason) after the first colon, as it has no impact on whether the server is found, and whatever is entered, the error is persistently still there.

    Any ideas as to what could be causing this? It would help if I understood what the three fields separated by the colons within the <friendly_name> tag actually do, and why they affect the behaviour of server detection and error generation.

    My second problem is that I cannot get the virtual folder structure created, so the Xbox displays all of my mp3 files as single linear list. Where should it get the meta-data from to build the virtual folder structure? I have tried adding the appropriate mp3 tags to the files, no change. If I put the mp3 files into a set of folders, related to the field names displayed on the Xbox, not only does it stop the mp3 files being found, it stops the Xbox finding my pictures and video files as well - is there a reason for this?


    • Ulrich Völkel

      Ulrich Völkel - 2008-01-05

      Ups sorry, I oversaw your prior post indeed.

      The "error" is just a warning from the libxml2 when parsing the xbox description.
      It is completely uncritical and in no way related to any file listing or playback problems.

      It is basically not necessary at all that fuppes requests and parses the xbox description. So just ignore the warning.
      And I really can't believe that any change in the fuppes' configuration should fix this warning.

      I'm not sure what exactly the second value in the friendly_name means maybe the UPnP version!?
      The first param is the server name and the third has to be "Windows Media Connect" in order to show up on the Xbox.
      Furthermore model_name and model_number must be set to certain values.

      I have no idea why Microsoft did it this way I just can say that they do.

      Did you build your fuppes with taglib support? Taglib is needed to extract metdadata from mp3, flac, mpc and ogg files. mp4/m4a metadata extraction is coming soon.

      - Uli

      • perissological

        perissological - 2008-01-14


        Thanks for the reassurance about the error message, its useful to know for sure that its not impacting on functionality.

        I'll have to check the Xbox behaviour based on the parameter changes, not sure its quite as you suggest, but it could be my memory thats in error.

        I'm also not certain about taglib. I did not make any configuration changes when I compiled and linked fuppes, so if taglib is not the default then I guess that is probably the issue. I'll let you know if everything works when I have rebuilt it.




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