neil sumpter - 2008-01-17

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Fuppes working on my Asus WL-700ge NAS, which runs customized firmware to allow optware packages. There is a fuppes package, but its quite old (0.7.1) so i've been experimenting with compiling the latest.

I can get version 549 to run without UUID support (cos i don't have libuuid installed, or rather the lib is there, but no uuid.h) and the xbox saw this ok, but couldn't see any files. I figured this was due to poor config on my part, or that there were issues in 549. Anyways, i've built the latest (SVN586) again without uuid, but this time the xbox fails to connect; i see it in the fuppes window, i.e. xbox360 renderer, but that's as far as i get ;(

So a bunch of questions

1) is UUID a necessity for correct xbox360 operation - will it work without it? [i can compile it in, but its gonna be a ballache to sort it out with my limited linux knowledge]

2) does anyone have a fuppes.cfg/vfolder.cfg that is KNOWN to work with SVN586/Xbox360 (so i can rule that out)

3) do i need to do anything on the 360 to blank old connections (fuppes 549 was still listed - is it just remembering that my NAS ip WAS 549 and isn't updating)

4) does anyone know if the xbox 360 supports m4a files as ripped in itunes, or am i converting the lot (transcoding on the fly isn't an option, cos the asus aint got much grunt!)

5) can itunes (pc or mac) see fuppes as a remote device? i've used mt-daaps/firefly and that worked fun with itunes

Sorry if these have been answered elsewhere - i've searched the forums and found some pointers but no definitive answers. Judging from conversations with other Asus WL700/500/HDD users, a lot of people would like to run fuppes (ushare works fine, but no vfolder support, twonkymedia costs real money!)