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Stream .ts HDTV files from FreeNAS to PS3?

  • Chris Calabria

    Chris Calabria - 2009-02-01

    I have movies (.ts files) on a FreeNAS (0.69.4276 stable). Currently using a MyHD HDTV card to play them. I'd like to find another way, so I can cange my BIOS to enable Hypertheading.

    Can I stream these files to a PS3 with Fruppes? make myself appear even more stupid;

    Does Fruppes run on the PS3 or on the FreeNAS?

    More please. :)

    Are there install instructions somewhere? Do they come with the D/L.

    Thanks Much,

    • Chris Calabria

      Chris Calabria - 2009-02-01

      I think I found most of my answers on the phpBB, I'll post over there for my soon-to-come confusion.
      So please ignore my previous post...

      I've got some reading to do.  :)



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