xunk - 2010-03-05


I've been Ubuntu user for 4 years and now I just leap to Debian. I confess it was not before de 3rd neat install that I made it all go just right. Fuppes used to work great under Ubuntu. Even MPEG video files transcoding to xbox360. Under Debian I feel silly myself. I have managed to configure and install ffmpeg from source and it looks like everything is ok. Then configuring fuppes and installing it also worked but when I add the video dir to the fuppes.cfg and I click the rebuild database link just… segmentation fault apears. I see there's many people disabling transcoding and it seems that it works then but I want to transcode. Furthermore, If I only rebuild the database with a music dir, building the virtual container is not working either.

Can you please help me? I don't want to go back to Ubuntu. I read once that Ubuntu is an old african word which means "Debian was too much for me".

Thanks in advance.