Xbox 360 sees computer, won't connect

  • Nils Werner

    Nils Werner - 2008-05-20

    My relevant config-parts are:


        <device name="Xbox 360" virtual="Xbox 360" enabled="true">
                <friendly_name>%h %s : 1 : Windows Media Connect</friendly_name>
                <model_name>Windows Media Connect compatible (%s)</model_name>
            <user_agent>Xbox/2.0.\d+.\d+ UPnP/1.0 Xbox/2.0.\d+.\d+</user_agent>
                <!-- File settings. Two from the fuppes wiki
                <file ext="mp3"><type>AUDIO_ITEM_MUSIC_TRACK</type></file>
                <file ext="jpg"><type>IMAGE_ITEM_PHOTO</type></file> -->
                <file ext="avi">
                    <!-- default is video/x-msvideo -->
                <file ext="asf">
                    <!-- default is video/x-ms-asf -->


        <vfolder name="Video" id="2">
          <vfolder name="Actor" id="10" />
          <vfolder name="Album" id="14" />
          <vfolder name="All Video" id="8" />
          <vfolder name="Folders" id="21">
            <folders filter="contains(videoItem)" />
          <vfolder name="Genre" id="9" />

    My Xbox 360 sees my computer after a couple of seconds (the debug-shell also says its receiving Notify-Alives from a known device id).
    But when I want to access the computer on my box, nothing happens (even the shell isn't saying anything). But: TCPView displays some connections (don't know if incoming or outgoing) wich are being dropped after a couple of seconds.

    I'm using FUPPES 0.7.2a-20070529 on Windows XP (no firewall besides the builtin one).

    Any hints?

    • Alexander Bondarenko

      faced up with the same problem. Any ideas?


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