#167 Problems with vfolders on the Xbox 360



I'm having some weird issues with my fuppes installation. The first problem is: my xbox won't play any music, transcoded or not. When I try to play any song, i get the error message "Unplayable content. Xbox 360 cannot play this content because it may not be supported" with the error code 19-04-80070032 on my xbox, which is a generic error with no specific cause given on the support site for xbox.

The weird thing about this is, that a couple of days ago, I didn't have the xbox vfolder enabled because I had misspelt the name of the vfolder layout in the fuppes.cfg configuration file, the containing folder for one song happened to have the id 4, which is the "all music" folder for the xbox. At that time the song played fine, but stopped working after enabling the vfolder layout. No other changes were made in between to the configurations. The problem cannot be transcoding related, since both my mp3s and FLACs are not playing.

The second problem is with videos. None of the video-related folders are being filled in the xbox vfolder layout. All the base folders are there but they stay empty. There are some 3000 videoitems in the database, which can be played though XBMC with no vfolders in use (I haven't tested the default vfolder).

I'm using the 675 version of Fuppes on Gentoo.


  • Miika Hänninen

    Miika Hänninen - 2010-08-23

    vfolder conf

  • Miika Hänninen

    Miika Hänninen - 2010-08-23

    A didl response recieved when using the xbox device profile and vfolder layout

  • Miika Hänninen

    Miika Hänninen - 2010-08-23

    A didl response recieved when using the default device profile and the xbox vfolder layout

  • Miika Hänninen

    Miika Hänninen - 2010-08-23

    I did some investigation with the UPnP Universal Control Point tool that comes with gUPnP.

    I navigated to a music album and compared the responses I got with the default device profile and the xbox device profile. The problem is obvious: the xbox response lacks information about UPnP item class, protocol info and the file extension in the URL. Also parentID is not populated, but I doubt that is a problem for playback.

    Now I'll start looking at the code to see what could be causing this.

  • Miika Hänninen

    Miika Hänninen - 2010-08-24

    I found the source of the problem. It is in the SQL query made by the search functionality in ContentDirectory didn't map the path and file name of the actual database entry when using vfolders, so it ended up returning "virtual" as the value for those two. Then the file name extension which is used to determine all the missing values could not be extracted from the file name.

    I'll attach a patch which fixes the issue. It is modeled after the SQL for the browse functionality. It just explicitly lists all of the columns to be listed, and if there is a vfolder being used, it fetches the proper file path and name.

    The patch should be applied in the folder fuppes/src/plugins. It modifies the file database_sqlite3_sql.h

  • Miika Hänninen

    Miika Hänninen - 2010-09-01

    I uploaded another patch, this one copies the behaviour used for music to add video and image files to vfolders. It doesn't create a nice folder hierarchy though.

    Apply the patch in the folder fuppes/src/lib/ContentDirectory

  • Ulrich Völkel

    Ulrich Völkel - 2010-09-10
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