#150 References to MAP_OBJECTS in 667


There are references to MAP_OBJECTS table in several files (ContentDatabase.cpp, VirtualContainerMgr.cpp) left. Even though It is not even created in the new database layout.

At least I think that this is the case.

No files shown on Xbox360, maybe due to this.


  • Ulrich Völkel

    Ulrich Völkel - 2010-06-05
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  • Ulrich Völkel

    Ulrich Völkel - 2010-06-05

    Yes, you are right. the table MAP_OBJECTS no longer exists. And yes, there are some code parts that still references this TABLE (I removed a lot of them a few hours ago).

    I'm currently rewriting the virtual container stuff to get it finally working with file alteration monitoring. There will be no need to rebuild the vfolder layout each time a file is added/removed/changed. As I'm pretty much in the middle of it it currently may does not work as expected.
    I hope to get things done in the next two weeks and maybe release a new version on fuppes' 5th birthday.


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