Unfortunately the SVN is currently in a bad state.  Elf has been moving from the original version of the
raw-sockets egg to the new-and-improved version.

He has assured me that he will be checking in the rest of the new egg sometime today.  The new egg will be called 'raw-sockets' as well.

What can you do in the meantime?

Rather than patching the old raw-sockets, you can always install raw-sockets via the chicken repository.  We will only be submitting known-good versions of our eggs to the chicken repository...

Try "chicken-setup raw-sockets", it should work.

Another, more important topic, is how to keep the SVN from being in a bad state.

I have been (and will continue to be) very open with handing out SVN accounts.  I would ask everyone with commit to please make sure that the Makefiles still work at a minimum before checking anything in.

I will be adding a basic test script in the near future, and will be automating more testing and validation as we go.

Thanks much!

- Ben Kurtz

On 9/24/07, Magnus Therning <magnus@therning.org> wrote:
I didn't make it to CCC, again, but looking through the presentation
funk stood out as something *really* cool.

I just downloaded it from SVN and tried building it.  I failed :(

Here are some initial observations:

- Several files in the SVN repo are automatically generated by
   autotools.  It's generally a bad thing to include those.  It's better
   to assume that people who want to build bleeding edge know how to run

- There is a bit of a mixed use of automake and manual make files.
   It'd probably improve accessibility to do one or the other.

- The build fails since recent changes haven't been reflected in the
   build structure (renaming of raw-sockets and introducing rawsock).

I'd be happy to contribute a diff that removes the automatically
generated files.  I might even find the time to remove the manually
written makefiles and replace them with automakefiles.

I've attached a small patch for src/eggs/Makefile.  Am I correct in my
assumptions there?

In the meantime please check in the Makefile for rawsock.


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