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Version 1.06 is out in the wild!

Changes since v1.05:
* We have music now!
* A proper Linux version (autotools + OpenAL support) is now available, thanks to Piet!
* More nicely aligned high scores
* Upgraded to Ogre v1.4.1
* Small bug fixes plus more platform independant code..

Enjoy, get it while it's hot! :)

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-05-22

A better Linux version is in the works

An user called piet from the Ogre forums is working on a better Linux version of Funguloids. There's been steady progress so far, with autotools and OpenAL support. :) Hopefully we'll see a much improved Linux build soon!

Follow this thread for the latest info:

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-04-22

Linux version receives a little fix

There was a few issues in the first Linux release, they've been now fixed. The initial release had the bloom accidently disabled. Also, now the Linux build will use ALSA by default. Edit gamesettings.cfg if you instead want to use the
default soundsystem picked by FMOD Ex (which may or may not be ALSA).

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-04-16

A preliminary Linux version of Funguloids is released!

I made a preliminary Linux build with a simple makefile. At least this enables all you Linux folk to play.. :) A proper (autotools/etc) package is still very much welcome, hopefully this'll get the ball rolling.. :)

Perhaps this could be ported over to OpenAL / Audiere or something, instead of the non-free FMOD Ex..

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-04-14

"Those Funny Funguloids!" version 1.05 released

Changes since v1.01:
* Upgraded to the latest Ogre (v1.4 Eihort) for better performance and stability

* Documentation improvements, made the docs available to the website as well

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-03-25

Maintenance release v1.01 is up

Couple of small bug fixes, plus greatly improved OpenGL bloom shader. Especially OpenGL users should definately update! :)

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-03-06

"Those Funny Funguloids!" version 1.0 released!

Finally got the first version up, get yours while it's hot and enjoy! :D

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-03-04

...and the website is online!

What the title said. :)

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-02-26

Game status update

"Those Funny Funguloids!" website will be opening soon, with more info (and screenshots) from the game available. But not quite yet. Soon. :)

As for the game itself, it's almost finished - we need to do some minor adjustments, a couple of sound effects are still missing and then there's of course some testing to be done. Stay tuned!

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-02-26