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Fung-Calc Available on the Mac

Fung-Calc has been submitted to Fink, a project to bring the world of Unix to the Mac. It is currently tagged as a part of Fink unstable. While having the unstable status is will only be available to be downloaded and installed from source (be sure that Fink is configured to use unstable). However, an unofficial binary, installable by Fink, is available at read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-08-10

Welsh Translation Available

Kevin Donnelly has kindly written a Welsh translation for the Fung-Calc. Download it from This translation was written for version 1.3.2/1.3.2a/1.3.2b (It may work with other versions, but is is not guaranteed and all words won't be translated). In order for the Fung-Calc to detect it, be sure to place it in the translation directory (i.e. '/usr/local/kde/share/fung-calc/translations') as root. Note that future versions will distribute with the Welsh translation.

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-08-09

Fung-Calc v1.3.2b released

Some issues have been brought to my attention concerning the latest release version 1.3.2, and I have tried to correct these issues as quickly as possible. This release fixes a compile error for some compilers and also fixes some menu bar issues for versions of Qt < 3.1. Also, the documentation handbook is not compiled if 'disable-kde-app' is given to configure, since KDE tools are required to build it.... read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-07-19

Fung-Calc v1.3.2a released

This contains a minor build fix to allow those without KDE to build the Fung-Calc by passing "--disable-kde-app" to the configure script. Previously configure would look for KDE even though it would not use it.

Download at

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-07-17

Fung-Calc v1.3.2 released

After lots of bug testing, I've eliminated several more bugs, hopefully to make this version solid and bug-free.

Highlights include better rendering of 3D graphs, fixed issues with the expression combo box not displaying the current expressions, and the graph windows now have a sensible tab order, and several more fixes.

Also, there are now labels on the 3D graphs' axes.

Download at

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-07-16

Fung-Calc v1.3.1 released

This fixes a few minor bugs, cleanups to UI for consistency, and build fixes for BSD.

Download at

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-06-15

Fung-Calc v1.3.0 released

This contains two major updates and several minor features. 3D graphing is considered stable and complete and is now built by default. Also, by default (this can be disabled), this program is now built as a KDE application, and thus takes advantage of several KDE features.

Other minor features/enhancements include:

*The function parser class has been updated to the newest version, 2.51 and adds speed and other features
*An incomplete documentation is included and can be accessed in Konqueror by typing help:/fung-calc in the address bar.
*DXF export and "Auto Rotating" on 3D graphs
*Improved way of adding expressions to a graph using a combo box.
*Animation slider... read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-06-09

Handbook Available

The Fung-Calc has gone a long time with little documentation, so I have decided to write a complete documentation using the DocBook format. It is currently incomplete, but much work has and is being put into it.

The information in this Handbook applies to version 1.3.0 of Fung-Calc which has yet to be released (although soon will be), but most information is still the same.

It is available at

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-06-09

New Web Design

I finally was able to quit hacking for a few days and got around to building a decent web site. This new one is much more user-friendly and better designed.

The old one is at for comparison and old time's sake

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-05-29

Fung-Calc v1.2.1 released

Since v1.0.0, this release includes several new features, most notably is the ability to animate graphs. Also, there is a new graph type, density plot, and there have been slight improvements to the user interface.

Several bugs have been fixed and compatibility with Qt 3.0.x has been restored, as well as compatibility with other distributions and operating systems ( specifically tested on FreeBSD 5.0, Knoppix 3.1, and Mandrake 9.0 ). There was also a significant bug that has been fixed which caused certain trigonometric functions to be calculated incorrectly.... read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-05-08

Fung-Calc v1.0.0 released

I'd done the final touch-ups and the first version has finally been released. It's taken extensive bug-fixing and testing and all is in working order. Enjoy!

Download at

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-02-06

Fung-Calc v0.10.0 released

Highlights in this release include a Box Zoom and "Snap to Grid" feature. "Snap to Grid" works great with the trace feature and when selecting an interval for math functions because it can be used to select exact values. I didn't mean to make a minor release of 10 but this version deserved it. There has also been a bit of internal restructuring in this release and a few bug fixes. No changes have been made to the 3D graphs since the last version except for a fix in an obvious bug when graphing 3D Functions which was present only in v0.9.3.... read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2003-01-03

Fung-Calc version 0.9.3 Released

Highlights in this release are mainly bug fixes and fine tuning of several features as it gets shaped up for v1.0. Also, I've been working on the 3D graph and have added 3D polar and cylindrical modes which are available in this release. All 3D graphs are still in early beta. Another improvement to 3D graphs is that I've added a slider to easily adjust the resolution. Again, the 3D graph is not compiled by defualt and can be compiled from the source distribution by passing --enable-glgraph to the configure script.... read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2002-12-21

Fung-Calc v0.9.2 released

This release is mainly a bug fix and cleaning up of existing features, although new features include ability to use previously defined functions in new functions and recognizes constants (e and pi) and secant, cosecant, and cotangent functions.

There was a huge focus on stability. The last releases, I admit, had a few bugs and I've worked really hard to make sure this release was
*perfect*. I think it is quite an improvement over the last. Please let me know of any problems you may have or bugs you find.... read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2002-11-20

Fung-Calc adds 3D function graph support

In the latest snapshot-20021023, the Fung-Calc can now graph functions in 3-dimensions using OpenGL.

Many features have been implemented already such as saving/loading, printing, exporting to an image, rotating the viewpoint, and graphing multiple functions, but I will later add more options pertaining to lighting, textures, colors, etc. This is a stable release, although the 3D graph is not yet in the shape I would like it to be, and many more options and features are not yet implemented.

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2002-10-25

Fung-Calc version 0.9 released

Release 0.9 includes many major and minor improvements especially to the stability of stat plot. New features include the ability to find the definite integral of a function and a box-and-whisker plot trace. Many interface changes have been made to improve usability.

The previous release may have had some trouble compiling the source code and that has been fixed in this release. Also, the source code is much smaller since many unnecessary files have been removed.

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2002-10-05

Fung-Calc Version Released!

This is the first public release of Fung-Calc on Fung-Calc is an advanced graphing calculator written using Qt for Linux and supports graphing in function, polar, parametric, and stat plot modes. It supports various functions such as sin(), sqrt(), log(), etc. Multiple functions can be graphed on a single graph and it supports an MDI for better useability. It also includes a save/open, graphs can be printed, and graphs can be exported to various image formats. ... read more

Posted by Jason Kivlighn 2002-09-25