Václav Procházka

Function Shower

Tool for rendering described 2D function or display graphical solution of two 2D equations. Displays 1st and 2nd derivations.


< f > - when not in edit line switches the screen to normal window
< F > - when not in edit line switches the screen to fullscreen
< Esc > - end working with Function shower

-move the sheet by draging it with mouse

< enter > - if in a function prescription edit line, causes recomputation of the image.
<+> - zoom in
<-> - zoom out

<0> - shows/hides 1st function
<1> - shows/hides 1st function's 1st derivation
<2> - shows/hides 1st function*s 2nd derivation

<3> - shows/hides 2nd function
<4> - shows/hides 2nd function's 1st derivation
<5> - shows/hides 2nd function*s 2nd derivation

<,> or <.> - shows/hides descriptions of important points (local max, local min, crossing the axis)

<6> - shows/hides intersections of 1st and 2nd function

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